About Jean Miotte

A painting of liberty

Coming from traditional painting Jean Miotte’s work is characterized by a constant and important development leading to very individual and personal forms. The works display a strong tension in their aim to discern human existence with its anguish but also with its happy moments, in his quotidian acts, in all its complexity.

An abstraction reaching interior realities, in which one discovers one-self through accents of a seizing sincerity.

No systematization, no repetitive symbolism, but simply a revolt against mediocrity searching a way towards the unknown, in the aim to find a possible perception of life itself, of our existence, assuming society as it is, and the same time finding a glimpse of a possible future. Regarding this work we are reminded of the theories of antiques and modern philosophy.

Definitely a contemporary painting, whose powerful accents mark our daily life through the fertility of its imagination.

In his determination to go further and the obvious evolution through the years Jean Miotte’s work proves that everything is at once transgressed, overtaken, and nothing did yet arrive.

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